Texas Sheriff's Deputy And Husband Charged For Murder

 The husband of the Harris County Sheriff's Deputy and the the deputy have both been indicted on the charge of murder for the beating death of Johnnie Hernandez.

Sheriff's Deputy Chauna Thompson and her husband Terry Thompson were both indicted in the killing of 2 year old John Hernandez. Hernandez went into a coma on May 28, 2017 after a physical altercation with the couple in which Hernandez was choked until he was lifeless; he died three days later from his injuries.

According to the Associated Press, the Thompson's turned themselves in on Thursday June 8, and were released on $100,000 bail. The deadly memorial day confrontation started when John Hernandez went outside a Denny's Restaurant to urinate and was confronted by the deputy's husband who was outside with his family.

There is a video making the rounds online that clearly showed the Thompson's as they choked Hernandez as bystanders pleaded for them to stop.











Source: Washington Post


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