Pro Democracy Group Demands El ZakZaky's Freedom

The Pro-Democracy group, Concerned Nigerians have demanded the release of Sheikh Ibraheem El ZakZaky the leader of the Islamic Movement of Nigeria (IMN) and his wife Ibraheema.

The group made the statement on Sunday aid that it was unfair that both El ZakZaky and his wife are still being held despite a court order that has directed they should be released. In the statement which was signed by the groups convener and secretary, Deji Adeyanju and John Danfulani, they also offered to provide housing for the couple upon their release.

In a statement by Nigeria's Minister Information Alhaji Lai Mohammed, who has been criticized by the group, he stated that the couple are not in any police or security detention, but rather they are housed in a home built by the Nigerian government.

Concerned Nigerians group has said that this government position is unacceptable, as it is still a form of detention as the couple does not have the freedom to go and come at will.





Source: Sahara Reporters



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