Matador Gored To Death

A Spanish Matador Ivan Fandino was on Saturday gored to death by a bull after tripping on his cloak in an event in France.

Fandino, 36, is known for his brash style and became famous in 2012 after fighting 6 bulls on his own. His lungs was punctured by the bull after tripping on his cloak at the Aires-sur-l'Adour Bull Fighting Festival and it was not his first fight for that day.

Fans who witnessed the goring said Fandino was saying to his fellow matadors taking him for medical attention to “hurry up, I'm dying”.

Fandino had been previously injured in the sport including a 2014 incident in France in which he was knocked unconscious by a bull. Fandino is survived by a wife and daughter.







Source: CBS Sports